Typhoon International: A look into the future

Typhoon International:  A look into the future

We’re lucky as a store to have a great relationship with lots of brands and Typhoon international is a fantastic example.  This Redcar based brand have become a significant presence in the white water market over the past decade, based around their legendary Multisport suits and customer support.

Many of you will know the work done by our staff in feeding back the requirements of river paddlers so Typhoon could integrate these into their latest drysuit, called the Rapid.  The results are excellent and as staff we couldn’t be happier.  Being able to recommend products that we have had an input in developing is incredible and gives us absolute confidence.  So far your feedback has mirrored our own feelings and if you’re in the market for a new suit and haven’t seen a Rapid yet please make sure it’s on the wish list.

The Rapid Cag

Further exciting news is that to build on the success of the Rapid drysuit this North East based brand have been broadening the range to include a cag.  Again, this was tailored towards the needs of the passionate white water paddler and uses twin seal waist, quad ply fabric and latex seals all round.  As with all Typhoon products the emphasis has been value for money, along with unquestionable durability.  Our paddlers have been at the Tees Barrage with initial prototypes and Tim, our representative from Typhoon, visited the shop to show us the latest version.  We can’t wait to get this on the shelves and with paddlers heading to the river.  If the drysuit is anything to go by you’re guaranteed to love it!  Check out the initial pictures below.


Multisport 4: A bit of blue

If that wasn’t enough news for one day, Tim also brought in two other suits that will surely be of interest to the enthusiast paddler, yet cater for slightly different users.   First up was an addition to the ever popular Multisport 4, due to be available in this blue colour as well as the traditional red.  We are regularly asked how you would choose between a Typhoon Multisport 4 and the new Rapid model.  Both have their place and the choice is yours.  Select the Multisport 4 if you want double overlay panels in the seat and knees, brass zip and full horizontal zip cover.  In contrast, the Rapid uses a double overlay panel on the seat but lighter PU reinforcement on the knees.  We stripped back the zip cover to be a ‘stealth’ closure, thus maintaining protection but allowing you to do the suit up without assistance more easily.  Finally, the move to plastic as opposed to brass zip makes the Rapid a lighter weight suit with greater freedom of movement and less maintenance requirement.  You can perhaps tell where my money would go!

The Lunar: Comfort and performance

Secondly was a new suit, simply named the Lunar.  This is a revision of the Multisport 5 hinge suit and comes with updated graphic and a move from velcro double tunnel waist to a lighter weight drawstring.  The wrist seals are kept as a performance latex while the neck is neoprene with glideskin coating for comfort.  The use of a round the waist hinge zip remains a key feature and ensures you can get in and out of the suit with ease and without assistance.  Once wearing the suit freedom of movement is maximised, retaining the feel of a cag due to the lack of zip in the body panel.  It is bound to be massively popular with our touring, sea kayak and sailing customers once released in September. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Typhoon products and their continual innovation, ever increasing their paddlesports offering and encouraging increased participation in our sport.   These three products will be available from September 2020 and we will be offering a preorder system so as to guarantee first availability as production numbers will initially be limited.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just get in touch.

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