Staff Profile: Meet Lindsay

Staff Profile: Meet Lindsay
Lindsey (Linds)

Specialist Area
Scuba Diving

Also knowledgable in

All things Scuba including equipment, accessories and travel options. I also have special interest in assisting with nervous and apprehensive divers

My own specialist area within SCUBA diving is Underwater Photography, Whales, Sharks & Nudibranchs

How did you get into your sport

I have been a keen snorkeler since childhood and always spent hours on holiday under the water than on top of it. I have lived less than ½ a mile away from RoHo most of my life and we drove past here twice daily on the school run. In early 2008 we bought the open water course for my dad and I took up the sport in the April of the same year.

I then took a progressive route to build up confidence and abilities, diving predominantly in the bracing waters of the UK both in land and around the coast. It was whilst diving in Scotland (Cumbrae) I became fascinated by the macro life there was to see (really small stuff).

From this came my love of photography and “Bimble” diving, taking a slow yet steady approach to the dive by, really taking the time to look in detail at the life all around me. Nudibranchs (Sea Slugs) are a passion mainly because of their variety in size, colour and sub-species. Flabellinas are stunning and quite ethereal looking. They’re also a photographer’s dream because unlike fish, they don’t move that quick!

So from the macro to the mighty; whales and sharks. I have a strong passion to educate and share my love for our scaly friends. Sharks are vastly misunderstood creatures and are feared worldwide for their perceived desire to eat humans. To most sharks we are neither fat enough nor tasty enough. As for whales, these ethereal giants are my bucket list diving. But aside from dreaming about diving with sharks and snorkelling with whales, I have undertaken great personal study of their biology, habitat, history, evolution and future.

2020 Trips planned

Current planned trips include Anglesey in May and an epic trip to the Philippines and Australia at the end of the year. First stop is Malapascua, for 10 nights for a macro photographers dream and the amazing Thresher Sharks. Then its onto Dumaguete for a further 5 nights before heading to Perth in Australia for 10 nights visiting Rottnest Island for a spot of kayaking and diving. Also Moor River, Bussleton Pier and other dive sites along the way.

Favourite location for your sport

In the U.K my favourite spots are either Cumbrae or the Farnes in Northumberland. My favourite inland spot is Capernwray.

Abroad one of my favourites are Playa Chica in Lanzarote or Malta. Personally I prefer shore based holidays to Live-aboards. The diving off Lanzarote is simple and easy although they can often have sneaky currents that can be really strong. Lanzarote is amazing for cuttlefish, rays, angel sharks, reef life, nudi’s and big shoals in the summer months. Malta has epic wrecks, one of my bucket list dives is the MV Karwela wreck. Many have been sunk intentionally and are teaming with life, a hop and jump from Malta is Gozo for the famous blue hole and the chimneys.

Favourite food

PIE always PIE a good ole Yorkshire Pie. Steak, chicken, cottage, shepherds I’m not fussy. After a days diving (in the UK) I always desire something like a pie or something stodgy to warm me up.

If I’m abroad its usually pasta accompanied by a Diet Coke (no ice and no slice !).

Memorable last session and why

To be honest all dives for what-ever reason are memorable, but there are two dives that spring to mind.

1) My 100th dive was also my first night dive. After years of chickening out I along with Carl went in with the rest of the group on our August Lanzarote holiday, but when the others got out; we stayed in. EPIC! Literally, the sea was flat calm and it was a full moon, octopi were out in force along with the cuttlefish. The picture opposite was of a baby cuttlefish taken ion the night dive no bigger than the size of my thumb nail. There really are things that you only see at night!

2) The next dive that comes straight to my mind is a dive in Cumbrae, a challenging entry at crutch point, major swell and surge but underneath is where the magic was, a true 1 hour photographic dive in 5oC water, nudi’s galore, dog fish, and crustaceans for man and dog, definitely a memorable one

Piece of kit that makes you smile

Next to my regs it has to be my camera. I currently have 2 one is a big rig that looks exceptionally impressive with numerous arms and big eye wet lenses the other is my trusty little Fuji F80. This is the first camera I purchased, its small and compact but can still take amazing shots.

Advice to customers for progressing and enjoying your sport.

Accumulate bottom time and Go Diving! In a pool, inland site, coastal, tropical or bucket list just go diving, get out there enjoy yourself and don’t ever be stuck for a buddy!!!!!!. You can have all the plastic cert cards in the world, they won’t make you a good diver.

Thanks for reading, I hope to speak with you on the phone or even better at a dive site!