Staff Profile: Meet Alex

Staff Profile: Meet Alex

Specialist Area
Also knowledgable in

Anything around windsurfing and SUP, from wetsuits to accessories.

I'm also learning about canoe and kayak since it's a sport I am also participating in weekly with my son.  It gives a great opportunity to get on the water locally and on days when the wind is too light to windsurf.
How did you get into your sport
Well both my parents and brother were good windsurfers and made sure they spread the addiction to me. As soon as I was six years old I got my first rig. Since then I prefer to be on the water than being on land. Luckily back home in Greece we had a big windsurfing national team but not enough youngsters. As soon as I was able to compete I became a part of this setup and started getting good results. So race boarding (IMCO one design) was my main windsurfing style but couldn’t resist getting out on the wave and slalom kit. I started my studies in music shortly afterward but had to put my windsurfing aside.  This was a massive mistake and I realised that my happiness is dependent on sailing, so I got straight back on the water and gained a more appropriate balance of study and play.  I love doing all types of windsurfing, from slalom-Formula-race board and wave sailing. As my motto is: “whatever the conditions you just need to be out there” and it doesn't matter if this is 12m/170L or 3.7m/68L. 
2020 Trips planned

At the moment I'm defiantly going to the Defi Wind in Gruissan (France), which is just incredible!.  IN addition, hopefully Tenerife for a couple of days and then later in the summer Lake Garda(Italy) and Athens (Greece).

Favourite location for your sport

In the U.K my favourite spots are Fraisthorpe for all types of windsurfing, and Rhosneigr for some wave sailing.

In Greece my spot of choice is in Loutraki (Corinth Gulf), again allowing for all types of sailing. For wave sailing Rafina is the place I would choose.

And last but not least the spot I refer to as my Paradise on earth is Lake Garda (Italy) “man what a place”!

Favourite food

After a good windsurfing session I always desire some fish and chips accompanied by a chilled beer, Now, if I am in Greece and have had a good session under the burning sun I favour a couple of Souvlakia with that beer!

Memorable last session and why

To be honest all sessions are memorable and wouldn’t change any of them, but the 2 sessions that come straight into my mind and make me bite my nails are:

1) The Defi wind in May: Going downwind fully powered on a 96L Proton and a 6.2 AC1 with a thousand other windsurfers around me.  Man, what a sensation!

2) The next session that comes straight to my mind is in Rafina (Greece) in some nice blue waves under the sun on the Goya Quad 89 and the Point-7 Salt 5.0… a day that I wish would have never ended!

Piece of kit that makes you smile

That’s the easiest question… All windsurfing kit!!!!

Starting from my Point-7 AC-1s and my Goya Protons, to the Quatro Pyramid 92 with the Point-7 Salts!!!  Last but not least the Formula 12.0 AC-1 and my Fanatic Falcon 170

Advice to customers for progressing, enjoying your sport.

Please for the love of God stop waiting for the ideal conditions!!!!

Just get out there and enjoy yourself!!! Any time you spend on the board is a benefit.

Thanks for reading, I hope to speak with you on the phone or even better at the beach!