Select Wild Paddle: First Look

Select Wild Paddle: First Look

French based paddle brand Select will be well known to many kayakers.  They offer serious competition to the likes of Werner and both staff and customers have tested classic white water shapes including the Warrior, Pulse and W1.  Select also have an enviable reputation in touring, SUP and polo so please consider them for your other disciplines and sports.

2018 included the release of their ‘river’ model, using a carbon shaft with glass blade aimed at enthusiast paddlers looking for one shape to perform in all areas.  As a store we cannot speak highly enough about this paddle and the value it offers.  At just £189 for straight shaft it represents a drop of almost 30% compared to similar specs from other respected brands.  

The start of a new decade has seen Select refresh their white water range and with this move the River model is no more.  Its replacement, called the Wild, landed with our staff paddlers a few weeks ago and is currently on long term test.  As such, if you would like to take it for a spin just get in touch. 


George has been out on the water and his full review will follow shortly.  However, in the meantime we wanted to give you a run down on the specification and pricing.  It is also useful to know that the Wild will come in straight and crank shaft, both offering unrivalled value.  In addition, for those looking for the convenience of transport and storage, especially when traveling, it will come in an adjustable 2 piece offering 10cm length variance and unlimited feather.


Select Wild Glass (carbon shaft, glass blades)
Straight £179
Cranked £199
Add 2 piece adjustment £10
* Comes in three colours, red, blue, green


Select Wild Carbon (carbon shaft, carbon blades)
Straight £279
Cranked £279
Add 2 piece adjustment £20

As always, if you need advice on paddles or any other equipment just get in touch.  We are here to help.

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