Our Pick: The Best Mens Snowboard Boots 2019-2020

Our Pick: The Best Mens Snowboard Boots 2019-2020

There are a massive range of boots to choose from and the selection can be overwhelming.  As a general rule with increasing budget you will see snowboard boots increase in stiffness, aiming to instantly translate rider movements into the board. Lacing mechanisms will also become more intricate, allowing you to tweak the fit and feel to suit your preference. We are seeing an ever increasing demand for BOA boots and this is reflected in our range for the 2019-2020 season. When possible we would advise visiting the store for a custom fit session. However, for mail order customers our experience fitting boots means you’re guaranteed quality advice and a great fit first time.

Read on for our take on the best men’s snowboard boots for the 2019-2020 season.

Burton Moto

Flex – 5/10
Lacing – dual zone quick lace
RRP £170


An all time classic and the best selling boot globally for many years. The Moto is a do it all boot for riders looking to prioritise comfort for long days on the hill. This soft/mid flex model has seen a filter down of top Burton tech, including their dual zone quick lace system in conjunction with New England Ropes. While historically a single pull, we think the move to an upper and lower system is a revelation in allowing you to get the tension just right. The addition of a reflective foil base boot ensures you won’t feel the cold in the Burton Moto.

Salomon Faction BOA
Flex – 6/10
Lacing – BOA
RRP £200


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As our sales staff are heavily involved in our stock purchasing we’d argue only great boots make it onto the shelves and certainly wouldn’t carry anything we wouldn’t happily use ourselves or recommend to friends and family.   Salomon boots are legendary in terms of performance, build quality and longevity. The Faction is no exception and offers a BOA alternative to customers who may have visited the store to try the Burton Moto. It would make a fine choice if you’re a beginner or intermediate snowboarder looking for a quick lace boot to ride the entire mountain. Being marginally stiffer than a Moto they more accurately translate your movements into the board. Customers love the BOA closure, which gives rapid lacing and the ability to adjust with gloves on.

Burton Ruler Double BOA
Flex – 6/10
Lacing – double BOA
RRP £280


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For many years the Burton Ruler has been a staff favourite but the addition of double BOA quick lacing has elevated this boot to another level. Why is BOA so popular? That’s a tricky question but likely results from the rapid lacing and ability to make adjustments while wearing gloves. Now there’s no excuse not to be first at the lift! The Ruler really is everything you could want in an all mountain boot, offering performance but without removing the ability to play. As an upgrade from the ever popular Moto model it sees the internal lacing now attached to the outer boot rather than inner liner. The result is that under tension the liner is pulled back into the boot, promoting heel hold by eliminating lift. The sole unit is also slimmed down so as to promote improved board feel. Unlike other BOA boots the Ruler uses Burton’s collaboration with New England Ropes rather than the traditional wire, which we feel offers a smoother pull and improved durability. As a result of the versatility many of our staff will have a pair of Burton Ruler boots in their bag when heading to resort.

Salomon Launch BOA SJ
Flex – 6/10
Lacing – BOA SJ
RRP £260




Seeing a BOA theme here? Customer demand for this quick lace tech is massive and only growing so who are we to disagree. As with the Faction, this Launch model reflects the quality of Salomon boots. What makes it unique is the Straight Jacket System, so if you struggle with eliminating heel lift this boot is a must. So what is Straight Jacket? Put simply it is a strap attached to the heel of the boot, wrapping over the top of your foot. When tensioned via the side BOA it pulls down on the foot, holding your ankle in the back of the boot. It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that you could wear these boots two sizes too big but get no heel lift with help from the Straight Jacket. In many ways its addition to a single zone lace boot makes perfect sense for those looking for a performance edge, offering absolute board control but without necessitating a super stiff feel. View the Launch BOA SJ as a direct competitor to the Burton Ruler BOA, taking the edge for those with narrow ankles who traditionally suffer lift.


32 Lashed Double BOA
Flex – 7/10
Lacing – double BOA
RRP £290 (£295 Bradshaw)


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The Lashed is an absolute 32 team favourite and traditionally found in standard lacing. While the fit and feel was fantastic there is no doubt that the perceived faff of traditional lacing has led to some resistance from our customers. Consequently, our staff couldn’t have been more pleased to see the introduction of a double BOA model, adding absolute simplicity and speed to the lacing process. BOA allows you to make minor tension adjustments, even with gloves left on. In a performance boot like the Lashed the use of two BOA systems, one upper one lower, is critical as single BOA can sometimes lead to a lack of tension in the lower boot. The Lashed inner lacing is also well thought through, being attached to the inside of the shell. This is in contrast to lesser models where inner lacing is attached to the liner itself. The result is improved heel hold and overall board control. One unique aspect of 32 boots is their collaboration with Intuition foam, widely regarded as the highest quality heat moulding foam on the market. Whether you choose to activate this when purchasing or allow the process to happen when riding is a matter of personal preference. Our staff tend to lean towards the latter given your foot position and pressure will be in the perfect place. However, always bear in mind that this is not a now or never decision and it is perfectly acceptable to mould boots years down the line.

Burton Ion Double BOA
Flex – 8/10
Lacing – double BOA
RRP £380



For many years the Ion has acted as Burton’s flagship boot, showcasing their latest tech. For those looking to cover the entire mountain at speed we feel the Ion is more than capable of delivering absolute control and response. Want a stiffer boot? If so, you’re likely a skier.

For 2020 we have chosen to stock the BOA version of the Ion, reflecting increased customer demand in this area. As you would expect Burton have used the best of the best here, being a Focus BOA to improve the overall tension and reduce potential pressure points. The liner is also massively important, using more aggressive heel shaping to improve board control and heel hold. The traditional thinking is that boot liners will ease up over time but this is not the case with the ION, using a total comfort construction that will feel the same on day 50 as when you first got them out of the box. The Ion uses a dryride liner so as to improve moisture wicking and overall warmth, allowing you to use a thinner sock for improved feel. If you generally ignore the park and prefer to explore the entire mountain at speed then the Ion MUST be on your winter wish list.

32 Mullair
Flex – 7/10 (adjustable)
Lacing – Traditional Lace
RRP £410




Built for the Swiss master of style, Nicholas Mueller, the new Mullair boot is a showcase of the experience and technology 32 have to offer. Reflecting most pro riders desire for a traditional lace boot, the Mullair allows you to tension the boot to exactly meet your needs.   The inclusion of multiple footbeds with varied arch support, as well as variable flex rods, makes the Mullair the ultimate in bespoke fit and feel. The injection moulded elite fit liner provides excellent support, medium flex and will not break down over time like traditional liners. Being lined with intuition foam you are guaranteed that custom fit that 32 is so well known for. The collaboration with Michelin for use of their Fiberlite outsole should show the Mullair is a go anywhere boot with traction to match. We can’t promise you’ll ride like Nicholas but at least you won’t have any excuses!

So there you go, our take on snowboard boots for the 2019-2020 season, with something to suit all budgets, riding styles and aspirations.  Why not drop us a message for advice tailored to your scenario.  Even better, pop into our showroom today for a custom fit.

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