Aqualung Leg3nd MBS

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The all new LEG3ND MBS combines the high end breathing performance with Aqualungs Master Breathing System. This allows the control of both the venturi effect and inhalation effort in one simple rotation. The MBS allows the regulator to adapt to all depths, all conditions and all dives with one simple control

 First Stage

  • Fitted with the Auto Closure Device (ACD), the first stage automatically seals itself once removed from the cylinder to protect the first stage internal parts from contamination and corrosive water.
    • Helps maintain the internal lubrication
    • Protects the internal filter from external contamination when not in use
    • Safer for elevated percentages of oxygen
  • Exceptional cold-water performance is achieved by modernizing Aqua Lung's three anti-freeze properties:
    1. The LEG3ND first stage dry chamber keeps internal components dry by isolating them from the external environment
    2. The deep ribs create a large surface area for heat exchange to prevent ice forming on the mechanism
    3. The all new over moulded end cap slows the ice formation over the external diaphragm
  • Over-Balanced
      • Depending on the diver's depth, the working pressure of the first stage is automatically elevated to counteract the increased breathing air density
  • Ergonomically shaped DIN and YOKE screws provide a better hold when installing or removing the first stage – especially with cold hands.
  • Unique ACD Dust cap protects the inlet fitting and the ACD system from impacts or damage
  • HP and MP ports provide optimal hose routing

Second Stage

  • Master Breathing System (MBS), allows the diver to quickly and easily control both the venturi and inhalation effort with one simple control
  • New front cover opening channels allow water to flow sideways over the diaphragm
    • Radial openings to prevent free flows when diving in stronger currents
    • Openings widened to reduce peak inspiratory flow by an impressive 20%
  • Over moulded exhaust cover with a “soft touch” effect
  • The Over moulded purge button creates a large surface area allowing easy regulator purging as required
  • Patented Comfo-bite mouthpiece helps reduces jaw fatigue and holds the second stage more comfortably.
  • Reusable mouthpiece clamp allows for quick and easy mouthpiece exchange while reducing plastic waste
  • Enlarged heat exchanger helps prevent freezing of the second stage
  • Air channel deflector helps create an even air flow during the inhalation phase and lowers the exhalation effort
  • Aqua Flex hose with dual protectors offers fantastic flexibility and helps reduce overall weight