Aqualung Blizzard Pro - Mens

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The Blizzard Pro is Aqua Lung’s advanced drysuit featuring premium compressed Yamamoto neoprene.


The re-designed Blizzard Pro now includes SLT technology for the wrist seals, a new cargo pocket with a large opening, a mesh drain panel, and ultra-reflective outside safety tape. The Blizzard Pro comes with comfortable braces and integrated socks.

  • Environmentally friendly features: neoprene free of P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and made from a non-petroleum based material.
  • Yamamoto Compressed 4mm neoprene # 88 used on the entire suit will keep its thickness even on deeper dives and limit any excess buoyancy.
  • Shoulders and arms outside lining called ‘Small Diamonds’ offer very good resistance to friction
  • SLT System on-wrist seals for easy on and off, comfort, easy replacement and glove clip
  • Double neoprene collar with Hook and Loop tab for better adjustment
  • Taped seams on all the inside for water blocking integrity.
  • Ultra-reflective outside safety tape
  • Non-slip prints on shoulders helps to keep the BC shoulder straps in place.
  • Rubber patch on wrist to keep the computer in place
  • The improved Powertex reinforcement panels allow increased flexibility while offering excellent abrasion resistance
  • The separate hood offers a face seal to limit water entry, and our G2 Vent Technology allows any trapped air bubbles to exit while keeping cold water out.
  • The new cargo pocket offers a wide opening and a mesh bottom panel.
  • Elastic suspenders including a 3D mesh back pad and a neoprene chest pocket for personal gear.
  • Comes in a mesh bag



Style: Dry Suit with separate Hood
Material: Neoprene P.A.H. free
Thicknesses: Compressed 4mm
Zipper Location: Across shoulders on the back
Zipper: BDM
Arm cuffs: Yes – SLT System
Leg ends: 3mm socks or rubber boots
Knee pads: Powertex
Seams: Glued, blindstitched outside , taped inside
Colours: Black / lime prints for men, Black / Coral prints for women
Sizes (Women):XS,S,M,ML,L,XL, XXL
Warranty One Year Limited