Apeks Bungee Mounted Compass

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The Apeks Bungee Mount Compass is a premium quality compass to be used by all divers - beginners and advanced - it is a must-have tool for your regular underwater adventures.

The casing is oiled-filled for more accurate reading and better pressure handling. You can now find your way home, onto your favourite underwater feature or maybe even a sunken treasure with this brilliant underwater compass.

Bungee cords are a great way of attaching your equipment to your wrist. As they are flexible, they will compensate for any changes that come from the compression of your exposure suit. The Bungee cord mounting is also nicely streamlined, easy to put on and take off your wrist and comfortable to operate even in thick gloves.

The Apeks Bungee Mount Compass is tilt-compensated so will work even at a slight angle when needed. It has a convenient navigation window for clear on-the-go bearing reading and a rotating bezel for working out your bearing