2022 Quatro Power Pro - Free Thruster

From £2,199.00


The Quatro Power is the most versatile board in the range, one board that does it all. The board takes paves its own path when it comes to freeride blasting having the fastest tail rocker in the line up, this goes hand in hand with a double concave making the board a comfortable ride. With options for outboard and inboard the power appeals to riders of all abilities.

Keith Teboul: “Your all-around bump & jump, swell slashing, wave-riding, freeriding blaster, the Power remains the go-to for maximum fun in the broadest variety of conditions. Continuing to feature the fastest tail rocker in the range, the Power Pro is the quickest board to get up and go in the Quatro lineup. A full Vee with double concave bottom compliment speed with comfort.

The Power is the most stable board of the Quatro range, with inboard and outboard stance positions for different conditions and skill levels. Don’t be misled though, it’s a thoroughbred Quatro board, and carries over traits from its more radical siblings to lay turns and send spray flying when the waves do pick up.

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction

Available in 86, 94, 105, and 115 liters.