2022 Quatro Cube Pro - Control Quad

From £2,249.00


The Quatro Cube offers amazing control and performance in all wave conditions. Keith Teboul backs this up with the changes made for 2022, increasing the outline of the board allows for super early planning. This doesn't take away from the snappy tight turning nature the quad fins give you however, the cube can be sailed in on the biggest waves out there.

Keith Teboul: “More speed, more drive, more snap. The Cube continues to thrive in side-onshore, onshore, and bump & jump conditions.

The latest iteration features a fuller outline to increase early planing and acceleration to top speed. Tail outline and rocker allows you to transition this speed into rapid tight turns, redirecting when and where you need to at a moment’s notice.

Quad fin setup provides grip in any type of wave section, regardless of the angle you put the board in to hit it. In larger waves, the Cube Pro’s grip aids holding your line when the slightest chop could otherwise throw you off.”

Pro Carbon Monocoque Construction 

Available in 75, 82, 87, 93, 98, and 106 liters available