2022 Goya Volar Windsurf Board - Freeride Single

From £1,349.00


The Volar features the same shape as the Volar Carbon, but in a more affordable and durable construction. Ideal for riders who are still in that beginner to intermediate stage where the board might take a bit more of a beating. We've all been there!

The Volar shares all shape and features with the Volar Carbon, except it comes in a rugged and more afford-able build, ideal for schools, centers and families, while offering identical ride characteristics. A durable, tough, but still light board.

Considerably more affordable, by using a wood sandwich build around its cubed fused cell foam core, the Volar guarantees for supreme durability, making it a favorite with windsurfing centers around the world.

The Volar features unidirectional glass reinforced rails for extra stiffness in surf conditions. High grade epoxy resin creates an impact resistant outer skin. All other features and inserts match the Carbon version.

Fused Cell Core. Goya boards come with a Fused Cell Core made from EPS. Fused Cell Expanded Polystyrene is a high quality, low weight, rigid, closed cell foam used in advanced modern production board making.

Wood Sandwich. Wood in combination with fiberglass can take heavy beatings over an extended period of time, for example in school or rental scenarios. On top it creates a very affordable construction.

Wood Sandwich Construction.

Bio Resin.

Available in 110, 120, 130, 145, 160 liters.

In-board and out-board footstrap options.

Available in Bright Red & White