2022 Goya Surf Beginner Windsurf Package

2022 Goya Beginner Windsurf Package

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This packages combines Goyas fantastic beginner range to create a package that will be a brilliant first time option for any rider out there, all abilities and sizes. The Goya Surf Board features all the essentials you'd expect from a board of this nature, a soft EVA deck and built in nose protector saves the board from all the abuse it'll get. The Surf Sail features a lightweight but tough construction making it as user friendly as possible. 

The sizing is fully customisable and if you do require any advice on this please ask.

Whats Included? 

- 2022 Goya Surf Beginner Board 

- 2022 Goya Surf Trainer Sail

- Goya Surf Boom 

- Goya Surf Mast 

- Goya Mast Base 

- Goya Surf Extension 

- MFC Uphaul 

The Surf is the gateway into the amazing world of windsurfing! Whether you're just getting out of nappies or doing it for the legends this board has the ability to kick start anyones windsurfing career. Built to withstand all the bangs and scrapes you're going to get with an inbuilt nose protector and comfortable EVA deck pad it's the ideal board for any beginner or windsurf school. Board Specifications 

The Goya Surf is has everything you need from a beginner sail. It's nice and lightweight making the rig simple to use combined with a soft power delivery perfect for younger riders and beginners alike. Now with indicators that show port and starboard to make learning the simple rules as easy as possible. Sail Specifications 

Rigging Guide 

Sail Size  Boom  Mast 
1.0m 100/150 190
1.5m 100/150 220
2.0m 100/150 265
2.5m 100/150 295
3.0m 100/150 325
3.5m 120/170 355
4.0m 120/170 370
4.5m 120/170 400
5.0m 140/190  400/430
5.5m 140/190 430
Customize 2022 Goya Surf Beginner Windsurf Package
1 x Goya Mast Base Pro   + £59.00
1 x Goya Surf School No Extension SDM/RDM   + £29.00
1 x MFC Uphaul   + £10.00

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2022 Goya Surf Beginner Windsurf Package
2022 Goya Surf Beginner Windsurf Package

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