2022 Fanatic Stingray Foil LTD

From £1,999.00


The Stingray is Fanatics most popular foil board and features all the newest technology in windsurf foiling. The board has been made shorter to improve the freeride aspect and to make the flight effortless bevelled rails/cut outs have been used to aid with take off and touch down. 

The Stingray Foil LTD closes the gap between Wind Foiling and Wing Foiling! Use a wing in lower wind ranges and switch to a regular windsurf rig when the wind picks up or vice versae depending on your preferences? No problem, the Stingray Foil LTD is up for everything!

Due to its foil-optimized outline it delivers a great freeride performance in both disciplines. A large deck pad covers the entire stance area and provides a safe stand.

Thanks to the versatile mounting options the foil-dedicated Stingray Foil LTD is very adaptable to various types of foils, sail sizes or rider skills and is the perfect choice if you want to reach the next level of foiling!

The Stingray Foil LTD is built in our full PVC Biax Fibre Technology for an optimized weight/stiffness/flex ratio and is available in three compact sizes: 115, 130 and new for 2022 in 145l for heavier riders and lighter winds.

Key Features 

Two Disciplines - Suited for wind foiling as well as wing foiling 

Shape - Shorter freeride/foiling performance shape 

Bevelled Rails - Bevelled rails for forgiving landings and neutral behaviour in gybes and tacks 

Foil Options - Suitable for all foil brands with track and tuttle box system 

Large Deckpad - A deck pad covers the entire stance area for wind or wing foiling 

Carry Handle - Mini carry handle on the bottom for optimised handling & transportation 

Leash Plug - Leash plug on the deck for wing foiling 

Cut-Outs - Cut outs in tail section of the biggest size to reduce tail surface for better planning 

Multiple Footstrap Options - Multiple footstrap options for wind or wing foilng 

Parallel Rails - Boostred width and parallel rails for comfort and performance

Long Mast Track - Extra long mast track for all sail types and styles and for the right trim with different foil styles