2022 Fanatic Stingray Foil HRS

From £1,549.00


Foiling made easy! The Fanatic Stingray has everything to boost your foiling ability and progression. The foil optimised stance puts the rider in the most comfortable and efficient position possible. The parallel rails and wide shape of the board help with getting the board in flight and when you do come to touch down the nose rocker helps with smooth landings. 

If you think Wind Foiling is too difficult try the Stingray HRS! This dedicated free foil board with its incredibly forgiving and fun character makes your take-off into the world of foiling as easy and accessible as possible. And it is designed to grow with you as your skill and performance level progress.

Its foiling-optimized stance comes from the parallel rails and boosted wide outline, allowing you to get the board out of the water with ease and fly controlled efficiently. The forgiving nose with bevelled rails aid smooth out landings and recovery from touchdowns.

Versatility and performance are built in: Track Foil Mount and Tuttle Foil Box mounting options give you room to play with all types of foils – while the longer mast track caters for all sail types and sizes.

If you are already experienced in Wind Foiling, the more compact LTD version - which is also suited for Wing Foiling - will take your riding to the next level.

The Stingray HRS is built in our budget-friendly High Resistance construction for everyday use and is available in two sizes: 125 and140l.

Key Features 

Scooped Nose - Plenty of vee and scooped nose section for a smooth touch-down

Bevelled Rails - Bevelled rails for forgiving landings and neutral behaviour in gybes and tacks 

Parallel Rails - Boostred width and parallel rails for comfort and performance

Long Mast Track - Extra long mast track for all sail types and styles and for the right trim with different foil styles

Foil Options - Suitable for all foil brands with track and tuttle box system