2022 Duotone Uni.XT SLS 36cm RDM Extension



The Uni.XT SLS claims to be the lightest extension currently on the market. It's unique in that it works with most sail brands thanks to the 2 thread system which also allows for a friction less system making even the biggest of sails a doddle to rig.

UNI.XT – the most technically advanced and yet the most lightweight standard aluminium extension we have ever built. Now also built using SLS carbon technology to create the most lightweight extension in the world.

When it comes to standard extensions, everyone has probably experienced some nasty surprises at some point. They rarely fit with the rope alignment on the sail, most of them need high downhaul forces, and more often than not the mechanism for adjusting the height is extremely fiddly. Before designing the UNI.XT we analysed all of these issues in detail and came up with workable solutions. The strong and super-solid UNI.XT extension may look like numerous other standard extensions at first glance, yet it is replete with innovations which make it a far superior product. The latest version comes with a completely new adjustment ring, which offers a unique feature: based on the tried-and-tested SDM adjustment ring, the RDM version now for the first time ensures that the aluminum tube does not come into contact with the mast anymore, which avoids any contact corrosion. No other RDM extension can offer that! In order to guarantee the same durability despite the reduced diameter, a double-walled construction of 7075 aluminum outer tube and ovalized T8 inner tube is used.

Key Features 

Lightest Extension - Uni.XT SLS RDM 36: The lightest extension on Earth

2 Thread System - Compatible with all sail brands 

Double Foot Trim - 30% Increased efficiency 

Rapid Release - Instant de-rigging 

iSnap 2.0 - The lightest and most intuitive length adjustment system to date.