2021 Ion SUP TEC Board Bag

From £149.95


The SUP TEC_Boardbag is the creme de la creme of SUP travel board bags with 8mm padding on the base.  This is combined with 10mm on the top and additional rail guards to protect your pride and joy.  Available in a range of sizes.

The SUP Tech Board bag uses bag breeze 2.0.  In simple terms this keeps the bag and contents ventilated whilst not in use.  The adjustable tail end ensures you will always have the perfect fit for all types of fins.  Additional integrated fin pockets keep everything  organized on the road.

This premium bag also comes with a handy Shoulder Strap and Paddle Storage on the outside so you can bundle board and paddle together.


Sizes: 8'0x32''
Max. Board Size: 244x71 cm
Weight: 5,3 kg

Sizes: 8'5x32"
Max. Board Size: 257x74 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg

Sizes: 9'0x32"
Max. Board Size: 270x76 cm
Weight: 6,3 kg

Sizes: 9'5x32"
Max. Board Size: 288x79 cm
Weight: 6,5 kg

Sizes: 9'10x32"
Max. Board Size: 300x82 cm
Weight: 6,5 kg

Sizes: 10'0x33"
Max. Board Size: 305x84 cm
Weight: 6,9 kg

Sizes: 10'6x33"
Max. Board Size: 320x84 cm
Weight: 7.2 kg