2021 Goya Volar Pro & Point 7 ACF Package


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The Goya Volar Pro and Point 7 ACF package is a brilliant option for someone whos looking for their first intermediate windsurf rig and board. This package will push the limits of any rider with the Volar proving to be a board that suits riders who've been windsurfing for years as well as the new guys. Pairing this with the ACF which is Point 7s dedicated freeride sail offering a light, crisp and forgiving feeling will make this set up a dream. 

Sizing is fully customisable, let us know if you need any advice with this. 

Package Includes 

Goya Volar Pro 

The Goya Volar, a stand out board for us here at the shop. The staff favourite when it comes to freeride blasting this is the dream. The 105 and 115 feature a thinner outline which allow for a smooth ride even in the bumpiest of conditions, this allows for great top end speed no matter the water state. The 130 and 145 offer much more width which allow for fantastic stability and early planing for them lighter wind days, once on the plane the board comes to life feeling smaller than its volume.

Point 7 ACF 

The Point-7 ACF offers all round freerace performance with the ease and comfort of a freeride sail. Designed for riders of all abilities the ACF is the ideal sail for your first ‘proper’ sail or if you’re a seasoned veteran this sail will be a dream for you. Point-7 also suggest this is a very suitable sail to be used for foiling due to the low end grunt in the sail.

Point 7 K87 

The RDM specific K87 Point-7 pairs durability with lightness at a great price point. This is a brilliant go-to mast to suit all freestyle, wave and freeride sailors. A touch higher glass content and with a touch lower carbon percentage, for better protection against breakage. Best mast for 5.4, 5.9 and 6.4

Point 7 K80 

The Point-7 K80 has the durability and lightness very similar to the K100 and can only be differentiated by the clock. This comes in at a really competitive price for a mast built with such precision and skill. Best mast for 6.9 and 7.5.

Point 7 Alu+ Pro Boom 

Exception value aluminium boom from Point 7 windsurfing, offering fantastic stiffness and durability without the price. One of the lightest stiffest aluminium booms on the market featuring a very solid headpiece meaning you’ll get every ounce of performance out of the sail your using. 

Other Hardware 

Point 7 Alu Extension 

Point 7 Mast Base 

Point 7 Vario Harness Lines 

Point 7 Uphaul  

More information on the Goya Volar Pro & Point 7 ACF package: 

Brand claim for the Goya Volar Pro: 

The new Volar Pro is our ultimate Windsurfing Board, to grow, learn and enjoy the greatest sport on earth on all levels.

The board is fast, stable and accelerates with each gust of wind. On a straight line or jibing, the Volar Pro rides naturally, giving the rider all the confidence to push its own level at every move.

With its thinner profile, on the water or the air the new Volar Pro feels as an extension of your body. Each shape was individually created to match its conditions, giving the larger volume sizes the wider, early planning and balance need it on those conditions, while the smaller two sizes increased bottom curve ride add the joy and ease for the rougher days. 

Braind claim for the Point 7 ACF: 

Having Fun, Freedom, Friendliness. There are many freeride sails on the market, but this is one pure freeride sail, and its duty is simply to let its riders have enjoy the magic of the wind. It’s not built to be the beginner freeride sail, but a real quality-built tutor.

The AC-F features a super light construction, early planing, easy handling and demands very little from its user to work optimally. Speed, manoeuvrability, power, easy. A mix of all the AC lines, with a lot fun inside. It’s called freeride, but the battens are displaced with three kinds of different tube diameters, the graphics are stepping up to show off luxury. The slightly longer boom allows the AC-F to give more push than expected to even the larger volume boards. You can take the three smaller sizes bump and jumping in the waves, and the bigger 2 sizes on free race boards, with the 6-batten setup to amaze yourself with the speed in real light conditions. With three tubed battens incorporated, x-ply in the alternating batten pockets to mitigate stretch, and no fewer finishing details than you see on any other Point-7 sail, the AC-F is a well-considered sail, with plenty of durability built-in to withstand the inevitable abuse and wipeouts an intermediate experiences whilst progressing.

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2021 Goya Volar Pro & 2021 Point 7 ACF | Robin Hood Watersports
2021 Goya Volar Pro & Point 7 ACF Package

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