2021 Goya Surf AST & 2021 Goya Surf Sail Package


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The Goya Surf package is all you need to get anyone on the water, this will be the first steps towards the addiction. The Goya Surf is now the first board for many new rippers on the scene, it has the options for tandem use and has various features key for beginners: daggerboard, various footstrap options and style! The Surf sail has all characteristics of a good beginner sail. It's light, visable and durable, what more would you want! 

Sizing is fully customisable, let us know if you need any advice with this. 

Package Includes: 

Goya Surf AST  

The Goya surf is quickly becoming the gateway board to most people’s windsurfing addiction. Very popular amongst windsurf centre across the world this is the go to beginner board. Featuring a soft EVA deck allowing for the inevitable falls and scrapes to be as pain free as possible and dropping the rig will cause as little damage as possible. The 200, 220 and 260 come with a tandem mast foot attachment on the front of the board. 

Goya Surf Sail  

The Surf sail features all the key characteristics of a beginner sail; light, durable and user friendly. Due to the construction they can be left rigged for long periods of time, perfect for full week or weekend sessions on the water. The sails go from 1.0-5.0m and are done in a red colourway for maximal visibility when on the water. 

Goya Surf Mast 

The specific mast designed for the surf sail, it’s a full class and epoxy construction which is built to withstand abuse from all riders of all ability’s. Mast sizing is done in correlation with the luff sizing from the Surf Sail. 

Goya Surf Boom  

Coming in the correct sizes to suit surf sails and masts this completes the set to get you on the water. Featuring a reduced diameter boom arm which offers fantastic grip for both adults and kids using the boom. The boom is compatible with both RDM and SDM masts.

Other Hardware 

Goya Mast Base

Goya Surf School No Extension

MFC Uphaul

More information on the Goya Surf Package: 

Brand Claim for the Goya Surf AST: 

The new Surf encompasses a comprehensive line of beginner and school boards, covering all needs in seven sizes. The Surf is a board that will get you through your first days, and that you will keep coming back to, even after you have mastered all the basics.

The Surf guarantees anyone a fun and fast entry into the windsurfing world, while still offering enough possibilities to progress and have fun for more advanced riders. Getting in the straps, jibing, trimming upwind or racing downwind is all possible on these boards. The bigger 160, 200, 220 and 260 feature a fully retractable Allgaier ® dagger board for maximized stability, while the smaller 115, 130 and 145 feature a regular center fin instead, for easy advanced learning.

The Surf covers a full beginner board range and the 260 is among the biggest beginner boards on the market. This entry level board is crafted to your family’s needs and school requirements. A new base insert in the nose of the deck allows you to attach a mini tandem rig for kids and is available on the 200, 220 and 260. The Surf features an EVA deck, keeping both your knees and your board in healthy shape. Further its bigger sizes feature EVA rails, while the smaller sizes come with clear rails.

All sizes feature an area coded deck, with the dark gray being your uphaul zone and early stages stance, and the white pad area representing your advanced stance and entry strap zone.

Brand Claim for the Goya Surf Sail: 

The Surf sail from Goya windsurfing is your perfect training partner, offering a super light feel and progressive power that makes learning as easy as possible.  The construction, consisting of Vinyl and Dacron, makes it possible to leave the sail rigged for extended periods, so perfect for both individual and centre use.  Goya chose the red colour for excellent visibility.  Available in sizes from 1.0-5.5m. 

Vinyl Window. Vilyl delivers a flexible feel to the sail as a whole, and the window, with a little maintenance, will stay clear for the life of the sail.

Dacron body panels. Dacron is wonderfully supple and long lasting. It can take a dozen days of being washed up in the shoreline and then some. The ideal choice for a beginner sail.

Features. Titanium Clew Ring, a light and durable sleeve and tack fairing round off the quality package. Increased durability with sleeve cut edge treatments to prevent fraying of the sleeve edge over time. Tack and foot reinforcement’s edges now folded to prevent edge fraying over time and use.

Customize 2021 Goya Surf AST & 2021 Goya Surf Sail Package
1 x Goya Mast Base Pro   + £58.50
1 x Goya Surf School No Extension SDM/RDM   + £35.10
1 x MFC Uphaul   + £8.99

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2021 Goya Surf AST & 2021 Goya Surf Sail Package

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