2021 Goya One Pro & 2021 Goya Guru X Package


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The Goya One & Goya Guru X package makes for any bump and jump/ coastal sailing easier! The Goya one is the ultimate do it all in one board, from down the line wave riding to bump and jump on your local lake. Putting this with the Goya Guru X allows for the comfiest ride on the water. The Guru X is a very forgiving light sail making it a dream to use on the wave, it has plenty of low end power which will get you going even in the most marginal of conditions. 

Sizing is fully customisable, let us know if you need any advice with this. 

Package Includes: 

Goya One Pro 

A staff favourite from Goya, the One is the board that really can do it all, whether it’s blasting around on flat water, bump and jump or even into the waves. It can be sailed as a trifin setup or as a single fin increasing the versatility of the board. This is the perfect one board does all or a brilliant board for sailors who’re moving from freeride with ambitions of getting in the waves.

Goya Guru X 

A designated wave sail that feels really light and forgiving in the hands making it a dream for your out and out wave riders as well as your freestyle wave guys. The Guru can be used from bump and jump conditions to down the line mast high waves, this is the reason we’ve decided it would be the most suitable sail for this package.

Goya 70% RDM Mast 

Goyas 70% mast offers fantastic performance at a very fair price point. Don’t be fooled by the carbon content compared to the 90% it still comes out lighter. The 70% has the potential to be used in all conditions and there is certainly no compromise made here!

Goya Alu Boom

The Goya Alu Boom is a brilliant go to Alu boom, proving to be super stiff and light even when comparing to carbon booms. Its slim diameter also proves for a very comfortable and reactive ride. 

Other Hardware 

Goya Mast Base

Goya Extension

MFC Uphaul

MFC Adjustable Harness Lines 

More information on the Goya One & Goya Guru X: 

Brand claim for the Goya One: 

The Banzai Pro window material is Bi-Ply film. This ”sleeper” feature is a massive step up from mono film. Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film, lasting about 3x longer that mono film. It is UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases. Its added cost compared to mono film is worth double when unrolling a supple sounding sail, and endlessly valuable when falling and not breaking your sail.

The One's bottom shape allows for more confidence in the wave with the increased tail area to get this board on the plane quicker for bigger jumps or speed to manoeuvre in the waves. Take this board from the wave and put it on your local lake and this board will glide effortless around gybes. Switching to the outer footstrap position this board evolves into a freeride board. Truly an all-round board.

The all new One 3 Pro has evolved into a progressive Freewave sailing board, with more parallel outlines, drawing from modern surfboards, while maintaining the overarching concept of being one board for Wave, Freestyle and Freeride.

The new parallel outlines improve agility and comfort on longer, choppy runs, while the resulting added tail area improves stability, early planing and comfort. All sizes now come with a swallow tail. A slightly lower entry rocker allows the board to naturally glide into a plane. The volume in the new One 3 Pro is more equally distributed along the board’s profile, to create a more stable and evenly planing hull. Incorporating a shallower V and double concave into its bottom shape increases acceleration and planing surface. All sizes are now available with Mini Tuttle side fins and Power Box center fin, for their lightness, simplicity of use, and effective compatibility with larger fins sizes.

Brand claim for the Goya Guru X: 

Wave performance and also high wind comfort, confidence and control in any water condition. The vinyl window makes the Guru X Pro unique. It creates a very smooth and comfortable power delivery, as well as the most durable sail in our line-up. Vinyl is practically indestructible and will stay clear for the life of the sail. The new Guru X pro is the result of 25 years of design evolution and the process and progress continues.

Francisco Goya claims it as his personal favourite, and as of late, Levi Silver has been spending time on the Guru X Pro in the pure wave conditions of Ho’okipa and loving it. Makes sense, because that’s where the design was born and established many years ago.

Continuing its development around the world, high winds of the Gorge, and spots like Pozo have helped to tune up the smaller sizes to work as magnificent as the rest of the line. The goal has always been for the 3.2 to feel like the 4.7 and through lots of prototypes and testing in those extreme conditions were we finally able to achieve it.

Guru X Pro offers a huge rigging range. With its soft power delivery and smooth progressive twist, you can rig this sail very full and still fill comfortably in control. Rigging the sail flatter on the outhaul is possible for a more neutral handling feel in higher win and manoeuvre-orientated conditions.

Customize 2021 Goya One Pro & 2021 Goya Guru X Package
1 x Goya Extension Alu RDM 30   + £80.10
1 x Goya Mast Base Pro   + £53.10
1 x MFC Adjustable Harness Lines 24-32"   + £27.00
1 x MFC Uphaul   + £9.00

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2021 Goya One & Goya Guru | Robin Hood Watersports
2021 Goya One Pro & 2021 Goya Guru X Package

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