2021 Goya Custom 3 & 2021 Goya Banzai Package


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The Goya Custom 3 and Goya Banzai Pro is the choice set up of many of the Goya team. The Custom 3 allows riders to push the limits on the wave offering fantastic grip and turning ability due to its narrow outline. Being a thruster this makes the Custom 3 a fantastic board for them more often than not non-perfect conditions. Pairing it with the Banzai which brings its reactive, instant delivery of power makes for a whole load of fun. 

Sizing is fully customisable, let us know if you need any advice with this. 

Package Includes: 

Goya Custom 3 

The Custom 3 from Goya offers fantastic performance in them onshore conditions that we so often find ourselves with. The tri fin set up allows for fantastic grip and comfort which is brilliant when riding on the wave or tracking upwind looking for that ramp. The custom 3 is somewhat more user-friendly than the custom 4 so if this is your first wave board this is the one for you! 

Goya Banzai Pro 

The Banzai is Goyas power wave sail and this is evident in its performance, it’s a very reactive sail and offers instant delivery of power. However, this doesn’t come without control, the Banzai still feels light and manoeuvrable in the hands. The Banzai has Bi-Ply window material which makes it very tough and durable even for the biggest of bails. 

Goya 70% RDM Mast 

Goyas 70% mast offers fantastic performance at a very fair price point. Don’t be fooled by the carbon content compared to the 90% it still comes out lighter. The 70% has the potential to be used in all conditions and there is certainly no compromise made here! 

Goya Alu Boom 

The Goya Alu Boom is a brilliant go to Alu boom, proving to be super stiff and light even when comparing to carbon booms. Its slim diameter also proves for a very comfortable and reactive ride. 

Other Hardware 

Goya Mast Base

Goya Extension

MFC Uphaul

MFC Adjustable Lines 

More information on the Goya Custom 3 & Goya Banzai Pro:

Brand claim for the Custom 3: 

The all new Custom 3 Pro got a bit more lively and fun all around through the new progressive rockers, more parallel outlines and refined bottom shapes. More agile and surfy.

With the same core bottom curve as the previous model, they now have a lower entry and a higher tail rocker. This minus/plus rocker shift gives the boards better early planing and more natural projection off the turns. The tail and nose outline points were slightly moved out to introduce more of the parallel outline concept, delivering easy rail to rail high end performance. The new thinner profiles increase power and comfort while improving the board balance and range of use. Pairing a thruster fin set-up

with a V/Double concave bottom shape and a parallel outline, the Custom 3 Pro unifies the classic three fin combo with a modern progressive wave shape. Double inserts on the back strap virtually eliminate strap twisting. Featured on Goya Wave boards.

Marcilio enjoys riding the Thruster on smaller or onshore waves, describing the feeling as refreshing and fun, which is why the Custom 3 Pro carries his Pro model MB initials.

How does it compare to the One 3 Pro? The Custom 3 Pro has a more curved outline, designed for the more wave oriented rider, a middle ground indeed between the Custom 4 Pro and One 3 Pro.

Brand claim for the Banzai: 

The Banzai Pro is the “go to” 4 batten worldwide wave sail for out top riders Marcilio Browne (former PWA wave world champion) and Loick Lesauvage. The Banzai Pro is the answer and solution to all demands of a light weight, direct power delivery, wide range sail with heaps of flex feel and control. The adaptability of the Banzai Pro is unparalleled.

Unique to the Banzai Pro design concept is the backhand throttle control. The sail pulls forward from “low RPMs” and is very balanced, but there is always a little “extra” available off the back hand for when you really need to juice up into a jump or manoeuvre. This tactile back-handed feel gives you a direct connection to how the sail is loading and releasing and allows you stay connected throughout your manoeuvres. Marcilio Browne has driven this concept, insisting that the sails maintain the connected feel, providing him supreme confidence and control through technical and radical manoeuvres. There is a trend in the market for more “neutral” feeling wave sails, and while there is a place for more of that on other Goya models, the Banzai Pro is designed for a more positive rider connection to instant power delivery.

The Banzai Pro window material is Bi-Ply film. This ”sleeper” feature is a massive step up from mono film. Bi-Ply is two layers of laminated clear film, lasting about 3x longer that mono film. It is UV protected and highly resistant to hard creases. Its added cost compared to mono film is worth double when unrolling a supple sounding sail, and endlessly valuable when falling and not breaking your sail.

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1 x MFC Adjustable Harness Lines 24-32"   + £27.00
1 x MFC Uphaul   + £9.00

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2021 Goya Custom 3 & 2021 Goya Banzai Package

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