2021 Goya Bolt Pro & 2021 Point 7 ACK

2021 Goya Bolt Pro & Point 7 ACK

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The Goya Bolt and Point 7 AC-K is the gateway for an everyday windsurfer to breach into the speed and slalom disciplines of the sport. The Goya Bolt is designed with speed and comfort in mind, a toned-down version of the Proton it gives the sailor a more forgiving ride, however, this is a board that will keep you on your toes! It only made sense to pair this with the Point 7 ACK which is the smaller brother of the full-on race AC One, this allows for a more comfortable, light and forgiving sail that is a brilliant entry into slalom and speed sailing. 

Sizing is fully customisable, let us know if you need any advice with this. 

Package Includes 

Goya Bolt Pro 

The bolt is your speed seekers dream board, it really does perform like its big brother the Proton but in a much more user friendly way. Unlike some freerace boards the comfort you get from the Bolt is next to non, it gybes with very little effort but will keep you on your toes being less forgiving than a freeride board. It’s lowered deck allows the rider to really lock the sail in and get the most performance from both sail and board.  

Point 7 ACK 

The AC-K from Point-7 for those who want the out and out performance of a race sail with less of the physical strain! A bit less power makes it more controllable during manoeuvres and lighter in the hands. This really will push your sailing to another level and can take you from a weekend warrior to a race machine. 

Point 7 K80 

The Point-7 K80 has the durability and lightness very similar to the K100 and can only be differentiated by the clock. This comes in at a really competitive price for a mast built with such precision and skill. Sail sizes: 7.1, 7.8, 8.5 and 9.1.

Point 7 K87 

The RDM specific K87 Point-7 pairs durability with lightness at a great price point. This is a brilliant go-to mast to suit all freestyle, wave and freeride sailors. A touch higher glass content and with a touch lower carbon percentage, for better protection against breakage. Sail sizes: 5.5 and 6.2

Point 7 Alu+ Boom 

Exception value aluminium boom from Point 7 windsurfing, offering fantastic stiffness and durability without the price. One of the lightest stiffest aluminium booms on the market featuring a very solid headpiece meaning you’ll get every ounce of performance out of the sail your using.

Other Hardware

Point 7 Alu Pro Extension 

Point 7 Mast Base 

Point 7 Vario Harness Lines 

Point 7 Uphaul  

More information on the Goya Bolt Pro & Point 7 ACK package: 

Brand claim for the Goya Bolt: 

The Bolt Pro is Goya’s user friendly Race board, and also comes ready out of the box to be enjoyed with a foil. As a far advanced Freeride board, the Bolt Pro is crazy fast, with the power of the Proton Pro, yet with a more user friendly trim.

With its 10 mm of V, it naturally softens the ride over chop on rougher seas. As in our dedicated race board, the Bolt Pro comes with tail cut-outs in combination with a light tail release that helps reduce the wetted surface, providing you with sensational acceleration. Being the evolution of our highly successful and bestselling Freerace line, the new Bolt Pro incorporates years of development, the feedback from valued customers around the world, as well as the development of three generations of Proton Pro boards in the PWA.

Being a hybrid between its predecessor and the new Proton Pro’s shallower double concave, and reduced V of the tail, the Bolt Pro’s bottom shape blends the acceleration, speed and comfort of both concepts. With a slightly higher entry rocker from the previous line, it feels bal- anced in both flat water and the open ocean, across a long coast run, with all the speed and control. By setting the mast track deep into a concave deck, the draft of the sail is lowered, resulting in furthermore forward drive.

Brand claim for the Point 7 ACK: 

Nowadays, if you are looking to have a cam sail with high performance, you are forced to go for the same no compromise sail as the pro:  a race sail, can be very demanding and taking lots of energy for no reason, unless you are using it on a race course. Other option would be to choose for a 3-cam sail where the performance will be highly reduced by changing outline, batten number, cam number, sleeve size, opening of the leach and many other aspects. Our development was to bring our AC-one sail to keep its pedigree, but from this, develop an easier version in the characteristics which was needed. As all the features of our AC-One were already super friendly, the only thing we did, was to reduce the mast sleeve size, which would bring  power that only pro sailors would need. Allow a softer and faster jibe rotation, and to have a batten construction which would be easy to replace in case of accidents. The new AC-K pro benefits from the same 3 XXL cams which allow an amazing rotation, 7 battens without having complicated glued or pined parts, same outline, leach opening and stance as the AC-one. A lighter AC-One version, ready to compete at any level, and dedicated for a larger public that were forced before to choose race sails for no reason.  A real Super Naked from the race sails

Take all the goodies from a full-on competition slalom sail, reduce its mast sleeve and shallow a little the profile. This is the AC-K PRO. Featuring a medium sized luff pocket, a sweet smooth rotating 3-cam set-up combined with a lot of low-end power to get planing nice and early. The AC-K PRO is a high-speed powerhouse that is easy to handle and sits ridiculously light in your hands, keeping the board at a steady hover above the water to give you the best possible control and speed out of your kit. The AC-K PRO is an incredibly fast sail to use, flattering even the nervous rider with a blistering performance.



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2021 Goya Bolt Pro & 2021 Point 7 ACK

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