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Quatro Quad KT Neon Red 2012 - view 1
Quatro Quad KT Neon Red 2012 - view 2
Quatro Quad KT Neon Red 2012 - view 3
Quatro Quad KT Neon Red 2012

Quatro Quad KT Neon Red 2012

RRP 1499.00, Now Just 599.00


Keith Teboul's signature 4 fin wave board. Hard core wave sailing has transformed, and the designs of Keith Teboul are leading revolution. The Quad KT represents Keith's personal preferences about what a true hardcore wave board should be. What has been a rarity is now the new standard. The all new QUAD KT board designs move through the water like modern high performance surf boards- fast, full rail, tight radius turns. This positive rail set allows you to finish your turns completely and with speed in the most critical sections, resulting in fluid and fast lines through areas of the wave rarely visited before. This speed and confidence you will feel riding the KT QUAD will have you driving through turns on the way to hitting sections you wouldn't have considered before. Also, the QUAD concept allows you to ride about 5 more liters than you normally would, and this really opens up the low-end range of the board. Incredibly, at this higher volume, the board will feel looser and more stable than a more traditional lower volume board. This is modern high performance wave sailing at its leading edge. Riding the KT QUAD board is a whole new wave sailing experience.
The Quatro Production Construction concept offers the ultimate in light weight, impact resistance and lively feel. Tried tested and true by the worldwide Quatro Pro team and customers, these boards are designed and built to provide the ultimate performance windsurfing experience. The Premium Construction is the best of the best.
FINS The Quad KT comes with the latest Maui Fin Company™ Quad fin set.
STRAPS All Quatro windsurfing boards come with Maui Fin Company™ straps that are extremely comfortable and feature thick high quality neoprene as well as a soft inner sole.
PADS 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for big landings.
Here’s what WIND MAGAZINE had to say:
The KT 76 Quatro pleasantly surprised us with its versatility. If this is the one with the best handling in big waves and better grip in big turns, it is not exclusive to surfing in radical conditions. Its control makes it an excellent board in sustained strong wind.
  • Quad KT 69: Length 225.3cm, Volume 69L, Width 55.3cm, Sail 3.0-5.0
  • Quad KT 76: Length 227.9cm, Volume 76L, Width 55.2cm, Sail 3.3-5.3
  • Quad K 83: Length 231.6cm, Volume 83L, Width 57.1cm, Sail 3.7-5.7

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