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Waka OG

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Waka OG

Waka OG

Prices from £20 per day

Call to book this demo boat: 01924 444888

The OG has been designed purely on trying to make a kayak that gives you bigger balls whilst keeping you dry and high and looking fly.
In order to do this we went back to what many people refer to as the best kayak ever made! The Tuna 1.
We added more rocker, some sexy lines whilst trying to take some of the good points from the Tuna 2.
We never wanted this boat to be super fast, we just wanted the paddlers to rock up scout a hole and say " Even if I miss my boof the OG will get me through". Whilst thinking in the back of your mind that your mates paddling other branded boats will surely get a beating before I do! ( True Facts).
I'm not going to lie, we were nervous about some of the design features like the fact the 3d model came out at 390L and we had to lie and say 370l so people didn't freak out. But strangely enough I still think it could be bigger. It doesn't feel like a massive boat it feels perfect and people really need to stop judging a boat based off volume because it is where the volume is located rather than the actual figure. You just need to try a kayaks and see if it feels good for you.
We also have some aggressive rails on the bottom. Aniol, Sven and myself were also concerned about this. Yet they work perfectly, you can steer the kayak with the rail and still turn on a dime with a sweep. Not to mention the effortless flat spins whilst surfing on a wave. They seem to help the kayak stay on top of the water so you stay as dry as possible
On the top deck we have tried to make the boat as sexy as possible. Looking to the Batmobile for inspiration.
All in all more than anything we are just stoked to have a kayak that makes you feel like you are the man or woman.
Length: 263cm
Width: 69cm
Weight: 22.5kg
Paddler weight: 65-110kg
Rocker: Heaps
Volume: 360L
Easy to adjust outfitting is what the Tuna has been equipped with. We wanted to have strong but fast adjustment to our outfitting to ensure it caters for everyone from schools to experts.

The seat is Roto-moulded. It has two sliders on the top, to adjust the seat position. All that is needed is two screws to be loosened and the seat will slide forward and backwards. The seat is very comfortable especially over longer periods of time.

Hip Pads
The hip pads are the most adjustable on the market with a simple elastic sock giving easy access to adjust the amount of foam needed.

The back-band is extremely comfortable. It is adjusted by two ratchets and ladders and can be adjusted even more by altering the length of webbing on the ladder. The back-band has been mounted in such a way to allow easy access to any safety equipment or overnight gear stored in the rear of the kayak.

Thigh braces
The thigh braces are extremely comfortable. They are simple, light weight and most importantly, very effective, giving you perfect control.

Foot Block
The foot block system is held by one pin but mounted through the kayak with two. This is to spread the load through the kayak but make for fast, easy adjustment, The bulkhead is fitted with thick foam to give comfort and to help absorb pressure under large impacts. The foot brace also comes with extra foam to make the kayak fit a wider range of paddler sizes.
£20 per day

£35 per weekend

Please call if you would like to demo one of our kayaks for longer

Any money paid for demo kayaks or canoes will be taken off the price when a boat is purchased, this is valid for 6 months
Dates to be confirmed

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