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RoHo Endurance Membrane Drysuit

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EnduranceShoulder and Neck
RoHo Endurance Membrane Drysuit

RoHo Endurance Membrane Drysuit

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The Endurance is Robin Hood's newest flaghsip membrane drysuit. This suit is professionally manufactured with the very latest and most durable waterproof fabrics on the market, using the same tried and tested construction process that RoHo has been using since 1981, so you know you can rely on its quality. We still believe that overlapping seams and nylon taping is the only way to make a membrane drysuit that will stand the test of time in our tough UK diving conditions. No sewing machines are used in the construction on the main body of the suit. Why would you purposely put holes in a drysuit? Wherever possible, we buy British components for the suits to support our economy and because our suits are made in the UK, we are proud to put the Union jack on them. We also know that everyone is different, so instead of making standard stock sizes we make our drysuits MADE TO MEASURE and absolutely NO extra cost.

The thought behind the Endurance is not only to make a suit that will stand the test of time like the rest of our range, but will have everything you either like or need in a drysuit, without the things you don't. This suit is an investment, not just another purchase. We have tried our best to "future proof" this essential bit of kit. With that in mind, we have used some cutting edge materials mixed with tried and tested "tough as old boots" ones; some even have a tensile strength of 2200 Newtons!! The top and sides are made from Cordura, which is probably the toughest of membrane fabrics, for extra durability and wear. The body and legs are made from a brand new fabric called Rhombus, which is a blend of nylon and Teressa Polyester, tough like Cordura but flexible in the areas you need maximum flexibility.

4mm Neoprene lined heavily rubber dipped boots are fitted as standard, but Latex socks can be fitted if preferred. Kevlar is our chosen knee pad material, a name familiar to most and only used in high impact/wear areas, maintaining the toughness of the suit. We have fitted two cargo pockets made from Rhombus, one on either side of the suit, with an impressive 3 litre capacity each. Both have attachment hooks fitted internally, one with a Nylon 'D' ring and the other with a Nylon snap hook, so no matter what you want to place inside, you know it's secure whatever type of fitting it had. The pockets are triple glued to the suits (still no needle holes), so as a worst case scenario and it snags on something, it will not have any detrimental affect on the suit. The neck warmer is also manufactured using only the very best ground breaking materials. It's designed to fit slightly lower than other warmers, so it doesn't sit too high on the neckline and interfere with your seal or hood. The outer fabric is a bonded fleece/super stretch polyester and has Outlast fitted internally, which was developed originally for NASA for its amazing thermal properties. It's mounted on a matching Cordura ring and triple glued to the suit with a strategically placed drain hole at the front. This will also protect the latex neck seal from your BCD or harness. Other features which are standard to the Endurance include internal braces, external protective zip flap covering a BDM dry zip, latex seals (Neoprene if preferred) and Apeks valves. The suit is made from only 5 panels which reduces the amount of seams, and has a colour scheme of Black body and legs, Silver sides, and a distinctive Black/White dot top.
Made in the UK
Made from Cordura and Rhombus fabrics
5 panel construction
Tri colour
4mm Neoprene lined rubber boots
2 x 3 litre cargo pockets
Kevlar knee pads
Internal braces
Latex seals (Neoprene option available)
Apeks valves
BDM dry zip
Protective outer zip cover
Neck warmer
Triple glued and taped seams

Rhombus + Cordura
Triple glued and taped, inside and out
Latex with outer warmer/protector
Heavy duty Latex
Hard soled neoprene lined
BDM 8 pitch zip (YKK) with cover
2 x 3 litre cargo pockets made from Rhombus
Options at no extra cost
Latex socks, standard duty wrist seals, Neoprene seals

Apeks swivel inflator
Fitted as standard
Apeks inflator hose
Fitted as standard
Apeks cuff dump
Fitted as standard
Apeks adjustable dump
Front zip
Convenience zip
Cargo pocket with closure
2 fitted as standard
Neck warmer/protector
Fitted as standard
Wrist warmer/protector
Zip protector
Fitted as standard
Fitted as standard
Steel toe mid sole boots
All these extras can be added to your drysuit during manufacture. Please call us on 01924 444888 if you have any other specific requirements.

Made to measure service is available on all RoHo dry suits at no extra charge.
All these suits are bare suits only.

Made to measure RoHo Drysuit
Chioce of Undersuit - Thinsulate or Thermocline
Inlet valve and hose
Auto cuff dump
Carry Bag

RoHo suits are hand made in Britain

Extras for Endurance Drysuit

Extras for Endurance Drysuit

None (+0.00)
Apeks Adjustable Dump (+30.00)
Front Zip (+45.00)
Convenience Zip (+70.00)
Wrist warmer/protector (+25.00)
Steel toe mid sole boots (+45.00)

Online Catalogue | Wetsuits, Drysuits & Accs | Dive Drysuits |  RoHo Endurance Membrane Drysuit

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