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RoHo Duratek Membrane Drysuit

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DuratekBack Zip and Neck
RoHo Duratek Membrane Drysuit

RoHo Duratek Membrane Drysuit

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The Duratek is Robin Hood's toughest drysuit, ideal for the diver who requires the ultimate in durability. Continuing with our tried and tested manufacturing process used since 1981, and using Cordura, we've created a real divers choice. The Cordura we use really has been manufactured with durability as the primary aspect, but not losing out on fit due to our expertise in manufacturing. Some of the key properties of the Cordura are the 200 Newton warp and weft tear strength, with an unsurpassed tensile strength of 2200 Newtons. Simply put, "it's damn tough!"

Not only are we providing a suit to last at a budget price but we've thrown a few extras in as standard. Internal braces come fitted with the suit, designed not just to hold the suit up between dives when you have the top half around your waist, but they also help the fit and comfort of the suit whilst being worn fully. The neck warmer/protector is made from 3mm Neoprene to aid in keeping the diver's neck war, as latex offers no real thermal protection. It also protects the latex from any wear and tear from your BCD or harness straps. The zip protector is also made from Cordura and is the full length of the zip to ensure total protection from any potential scuffing hazards like rocks and wrecks or maybe the occaisional Transit van. Most BCDs are made for comfort and have soft padding on the back which can wear from the zip due to side to side movement of the MCD during your dive, so your other vital equipment is well cared for with our zip protector.

Construction is the same as all our other suits with a five panel pattern minimizing the amount of seams to help reduce the risk of leakage. The seams are triple glued and overlapped, then tape is added to the outer seam which is also triple glued. There is a range of colours to choose from, so hopefully your suit will co ordinate well with the rest of your kit. We fit a 4mm Neoprene lined heavily rubber dipped boot, or latex socks can be fitted if preferred. The knee pads are made from Cordura and are triple glued and taped to maintain the suits toughness. A BDM dry zip is fitted across the shoudlers as standard, but if preferred we can make the suit front entry or fit a heavy duty zip whilst still fitting the zip protector. Apeks valves are fitted if required with swivel inflator, hose and cuff dump as standard. An automatic shoulder dump can be fitted as an upgrade (prices can be found in extras with other options available). Wrist seals are normally Latex but neoprene is an option, as with the neck seal. Not to forget, all our drysuits are made to measure at no extra cost whatsoever.
Triple glued and taped to ensure water integrity (no needle holes).
Latex with outer warmer/protector
Hard soled neoprene lined
BDM 8 pitch zip (YKK) with cover
Black, Red or Silver
Options at no extra cost
Latex socks, heavy duty seals, neoprene seals

Apeks swivel inflator
Fitted as standard
Apeks inflator hose
Fitted as standard
Apeks cuff dump
Fitted as standard
Apeks adjustable dump
Front zip
Convenience zip
Expanding bellows pocket with fitted 'D' Ring and velcro closure
Expanding bellows pocket with fitted 'D' Ring and zip closure
Neck warmer/protector
Fitted as standard
Wrist warmer/protector
Zip protector
Fitted as standard
Fitted as standard
Steel toe mid sole boots
All these extras can be added to your drysuit during manufacture. Please call us on 01924 444888 if you have any other specific requirements.

Made to measure service is available on all RoHo dry suits at no extra charge.
All these suits are bare suits only.

Made to measure RoHo Drysuit
Chioce of Undersuit - Thinsulate or Thermocline
Inlet valve and hose
Auto cuff dump
Carry Bag

RoHo suits are hand made in Britain

Extras for Duratek Drysuit

Extras for Duratek Drysuit

None (+0.00)
Apeks Adjustable Dump (+30.00)
Front Zip (+45.00)
Convenience Zip (+70.00)
Pockets with velcro closure (+30.00)
Pockets with zip closure (+30.00)
Wrist warmer/protector (+25.00)
Steel toe mid sole boots (+45.00)

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