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Pyranha Z.One

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Pyranha Z.One

Pyranha Z.One

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A descendant of the legendary InaZone, the Z.One has newly developed features that have been modernized for today`s paddling styles.
The paddler gets substantially greater control over the movement of the kayak on the water, improved balance and a lifted knee position for more efficient paddling strokes.
Aspiring kayakers will benefit from the Z.One's stability and maneuverability whilst surfing a wave or on any river features that they want to play or run, whilst those returning from a few years off will find a kayak that feels familiar enough for them to engage with and get back into the sport.
Raised bow rocker - to give extra lift over boils and eddylines
Softer edges - softer edges with lower rear cockpit rim and smoother hull cross section increases ease of rolling
Modern seating position - ergonomic design with raised knees for increased comfort and better edge control
Smoother hull profile - for increased speed and dynamic maneuvrability around river and surf features
Rear hull and gunwales - re-profiled rear hull and gunwales, for improved control and surfing

Strong, solid seat with front to back and height adjustment, ergonomically shaped with padded liner.

Adjustable padded seat with adjustable backrest and thigh grips.

Adjustable padded seat with ratchet backrest, thigh grips and hip pads.
For the 9R, Machno, Burn III, Jed (Stout), Z.One (Stout), Fusion (Stout), Rebel (Rapid), Fusion SOT (Deluxe & River Tour)

For just £100, you can select any base colour, and up to two splash colours

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