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Pyranha Rebel

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Pyranha Rebel

Pyranha Rebel

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Meet the Pyranha Rebel. We heard what kids wanted and made it. The Rebel is a really cool looking, easy to paddle kayak that is as comfortable and as stable as possible.
The Rebel will have kids out there looking like their paddling heroes whilst pulling new moves and impressing their friends. The lightweight, responsive hull and adjustable outfitting make this kayak ready for river adventures and provide top end performance like legendary WW kayaks such as the Burn or the InaZone.
Predictable and great for learning skills in, most importantly of all, the Pyranha Rebel is lots of FUN!
Canoe and Kayak Magazine Awards 2011 – Winner – Best Kids Kayak.
Forgiving soft edges - keeps the Rebel easy to roll. A great asset for kids of any skill level, helping them gain confidence and keeps them having FUN!
Rocker profile - the bow has a fair amount of rocker to lift kids over river features and keep them out of trouble. The stern rocker has been kept flatter to make the Rebel a super kayak to surf and enjoy whilst playing down the river
Ergonomically designed - the Rebel is designed entirely around kids. Let them paddle the Rebel and see them excel in a kayak designed to respond to their amount of strength
Internal pillars - the Rebel has front and rear foam pillars giving the Rebel structural stength and increasing the kayaks buoyancy
Anodised stern rescue - Pyranha Connect rescue points, made by UK climbing specialist DMM who manufacture our security bars with the same process that has held them at the forefront of the climbing market for years
Connect grab handles - all our grab handles are made using climbing grade webbing, as we only use webbing that you could trust in a climbing harness in our kayaks
Rebel outfitting - outfitting designed specifically for kids. Backrest. Full plate footrest. Mini cell foam

For the 9R, Machno, Burn III, Jed (Stout), Z.One (Stout), Fusion (Stout), Rebel (Rapid), Fusion SOT (Deluxe & River Tour)

For just £100, you can select any base colour, and up to two splash colours

Call us to order on 01924 444888

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