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Pyranha Machno

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Pyranha Machno - view 1
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Pyranha Machno

Pyranha Machno

Prices from £20 per day

Call to book this demo boat: 01924 444888

The "Afon Machno" is the tributary, which powers the infamous Fairy Glen. This river is just over an Hour from Pyranha HQ and is where the initial testing for this kayak took place! The Pyranha Machno has been refined through the feedback of Team Pyranha Paddlers worldwide to create a formidable bow rocker profile, which will keep you on top of things! The wide planing hull has soft chines, which makes this kayak both stable and predictable.
Wide planing hull, which builds confidence and increases stability.
Soft rails, which wont trip you up and enable you to create controlled carving turns.
Extreme Bow Rocker profile for a dryer ride.
Peaked deck, which sheds water quickly.
Stern released edges, which retain speed efficiently.
Tailored volume distribution with wide bow for a comfortable, controlled paddler stance.

“Having paddled Pyranha boats for 16 years I can honestly say this is the best one I yet. It seems to take so many features from the Shiva which I love and the 9R, yet somehow create a unique boat.

It is a dream to paddle on all grades of water, but comes into its own in the advanced environment. Fast, yet predictable. Fun and stable, it feels like I have time to stop and think before accelerating away again.

The outfitting is simply brilliant. I feel totally connected to the boat and can see the transfer of how my body affects the performance. It is also the most comfortable Pyranha kayak I've ever paddled. The seat and space in the boat make all day river running or coaching a pleasurable experience.

Overall it is a great boat. Whether smashing down big water, free wheeling off drops or enjoying a pleasant grade 2/3 run I have a big smile on my face.

Adam Hughes”

£20 per day

£35 per weekend

Please call if you would like to demo one of our kayaks for longer

Any money paid for demo kayaks or canoes will be taken off the price when a boat is purchased, this is valid for 6 months
Dates to be confirmed

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