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Pyranha Loki

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Pyranha Loki

Pyranha Loki

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The Loki is designed to revive the classic moves that we learned when we played the river the first time.
If you want smooth linked cartwheels, a smile on every eddyline and enjoy serious vertical time then this is the boat for you.
The Loki is loose and fast on the river and ocean waves. Vertical moves are more controlled and impressive than in a short boat. The Loki is a great downriver play boat, its extra length means more speed, making eddies and must make ferry glides easier and more controlled.
Length and deck profiling - retains speed and slices through features on down river msisions
Low volume slicey ends - for pivots and squirts in eddies and initiating all your vertical moves
Rocker - smooth and forgiving for sweet surfing sessions
Forgiving edges - once engaged, the edges provide grip and control for carving on the wave
Low back deck and cockpit - super easy to roll
Anodised bow and stern rescue - Pyranha Connect rescue points, made by UK climbing specialist DMM who manufacture our security bars with the same process that has held them at the forefront of the climbing market for years
Connect grab handles - all our grab handles are made using climbing grade webbing, as we only use webbing that you could trust in a climbing harness in our kayaks

Stout seat - Longer, more ergonomically shaped seat pan provides a 3 way adjustable system that gives a bomb proof seating position.

Adjustable padded seat with adjustable backrest and thigh grips.

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