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Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G

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Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G (SL No Cam) - view 1
Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G (SL No Cam) - view 2
Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G (SL No Cam)

Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G (SL No Cam)

RRP 445.00, Used 249.00

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Some stitches missing from the bottom of the sail but still in good working order.

You don’t want a cam sail, but hungry for going real fast then the AC-X 3G is the sail for you. Easy to waterstart, easy to jibe even and extremely fast! This is the one no-cam sail that can really challenge the speed of a slalom sail.
It’s all in the details: The new AC-X 3G has been given a massive makeover, to turn this classic into a raging bull. Fused with the development of the AC-1 racing series, the AC-X 3G is here to make life easier but not slower! A no nonsense sail to rig, use and manoeuvre for the novice and a world class performer for the intermediate to professional sailor.
The AC-X 3G has it all; powerful planing ability, easy handling, acceleration in powered-up conditions that will give you that windblown look and top speed that will outrun most cambered freerace sails. If you are looking to make a name for yourself, then the AC-X 3G, should be part of your sail quiver!
Straight cut outline, reducing drag. The straight leech generates less turbulence and drag allowing the wind flow to faster exit the sail. Racing induced leech opening. Taken directly from the AC-1 2013 development program. The leech opening on the AC-X 3G controls the sail and distributes its power in accordance with the pressure generated on sail body and mast. Low-end power in light wind and a fast releasing exit in high wind with acceleration and top speed being key factors when locking down the sail. Going fast has never been this easy.
Extensive usage of 2 piece battens ensuring optimal stiffness and profiling throughout the sail body. In every sail you will find 2 piece battens, giving the sail its perfect smooth, lightweight and stable sail profile along the whole chord of the sail.
Alternate batten placement ensuring a balanced profiling of the sail body. Alternate placement of the batten pockets ensures an even profile of the sail body no matter on which tack is being sailed.
New lighter sail top with a weight reduction of 200grams.New: Being introduced on the 2013 AC series is a new sail head construction which is a true 200 grams lighter than which was used on previous versions.
New construction around the outhaul grommet with an added weight reduction of 150grams. New: Being introduced on all 2013 AC- series is a new tail construction making the area around the outhaul grommet a true 150 grams lighter than the previous versions.
3 roller downhaul pulley for easy downhaul. Heavy duty, stainless steel, downhaul pulley with large brass rollers for effortless rigging of even the largest sails.

Online Catalogue | Windsurf | Windsurf Used Kit | Used Windsurf Sails | 5-5.9m Sails |  Point-7 AC-X 5.8 3G

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