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Point-7 AC-K 3G

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Point-7 AC-K 3G (3-Cam Racing) - view 1
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Point-7 AC-K 3G (3-Cam Racing)

Point-7 AC-K 3G (3-Cam Racing)

Price from just 375.00


The user-friendly race sail. Against a full blooded race sail the AC-1 will be less demanding and more forgiving when jibing. The smaller mast sleeve is easier to waterstart with, but still wide enough to give you that real racing performance, feeling and enough speed win slalom events at national level or simply being the fastest guy in your spot. Winning with less stress!
It’s all in the details: This King is wearing more than just new clothes. The 3G version of this young classic is shining in its class with a new finely tuned power train which has grown alongside the AC-1 development program.
Taking all the explosive power and racing attitude from the full-blown racing line to a more manageable calibre. The AC-K 3G is the new weapon of choice for those who want blistering fast acceleration, locked down top speed and easy handling.
Straight cut outline, reducing drag. The straight leech generates less turbulence and drag allowing the wind flow to faster exit the sail.
New mast sleeve panelling with singular reinforcements for a harmonious load along the luff. Introduced in the 2013 AC-1 and AC-K 3G series is the singular reinforcement load panel along the luff chord assisting in a uniform load pattern within the sail. Letting the sails pump easier and accelerate better under load.
Extensive usage of 2 piece battens ensuring optimal stiffness and profiling throughout the sail body. In every sail you will find 2 piece battens, giving the sail its perfect smooth, lightweight and stable sail profile along the whole chord of the sail.
Alternate batten placement ensuring a balanced profiling of the sail body. Alternate placement of the batten pockets ensures an even profile of the sail body no matter on which tack is being sailed.
New lighter sail top with a weight reduction of 200grams. Being introduced on the 2013 AC series is a new sail head construction which is a true 200 grams lighter than previous versions.
New construction around the outhaul grommet with an added weight reduction of 150grams. Being introduced on all 2013 AC series is a new tail construction making the area around the outhaul grommet a true 150 grams lighter than the previous versions.
Boom opening neoprene closure. The neoprene closure prevents the apparent wind from blowing into the mast sleeve and generate drag. As well as it slows down water from flowing into the mast sleeve when the sail is submersed.
3-roller downhaul pulley for easy downhaul. Heavy duty, stainless steel, downhaul pulley with large brass rollers for effortless rigging of even the largest sails.

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