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Junior Windsurf Package

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Kids Windsurf Package - view 1
Fanatic Ripper
Point-7 Skool
Kids Windsurf Package

Kids Windsurf Package

Package Price Only 899.00

Rig (Sail + Mast + Boom)

Fanatic Ripper 2014 - 102, 120
Point-7 Skool - 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Carbon RDM Mast
Base & Extension
Rope Set

Windsurfing is the sport of a lifetime – that’s why it’s best to start young. Get kids riding right with the Fanatic Ripper. It’s the perfect board and rig solution for the next generation of Windsurf heroes. The Ripper is available in two different sizes – the classic 102 liter shape and larger 120 liter option for taller or older children.
Both boards offer compact, balanced shapes that emphasize easy-to-use performance and allow all-weather control. With plenty of width for stability and light-wind planing power, the Ripper still offers a high top-speed for rapidly advancing sailors or parents hoping to pass on their Windsurfing knowledge through demonstration. A wide range of foot strap options and a removable center fin make the Ripper highly tunable – or the perfect board to grow with. The comfortable Softdeck is easy on the knees while offering new riders all the grip and confidence they can dream of.
Between them, Fanatic Brand Manager and former PWA rider Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic UK agent Nik Baker and shaper Sebastian Wenzel have 7 children of their own – meaning the Ripper’s conception and development was totally based on real-world teaching experience and research. It’s the perfect board/rig combo to pass on the love of Windsurfing to the next generation. Get kids riding right on the Ripper!

An easy and durable sail for getting started. Ready to be beaten up by those who are learning windsurfing and it’s smooth life style.
The sail can be equipped with Point-7 booms and mast, but is also compatible with a wide range of components.
Heavy duty construction ready to challenge UV-rays, impacts and abrasions. A PVC main window with a full dacron sail body. The weight of the sail and components are brought to the minimum to help to learn fast, making this the ideal sail for kids to learn windsurfing on.
Easy to uphaul; easy to tack and gybe on a long board. Great stability for the best fun!

Online Catalogue | Windsurf | Discount Windsurf Packages | Junior Packages |  Junior Windsurf Package

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