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JP Twinser Quad Pro 74 2012

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JP Twinser Quad Pro 74 2012

JP Twinser Quad Pro 74 2012

RRP 1599.00, Used Just 350.00

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Very good condition - small scratches on the side rails and bottom of the board, no effect to performance..


Jason Polakow and Kauli Seadi represent together 5 PWA wave titles and the JP Twinser Quad line. These boards cover every aspect of wave sailing which they stand for. From Polakow style, big wave no fear high speed lay down bottom turns and mega aerials to Kauli's new age innovative surf style windsurf waveriding with freestyle elements.
Like Jason and Kauli, customers who tried our Twinser Quads would not trade them for anything else. These Quads push everybody's riding skills to a new level. They feel radical and give a new riding sensation while not being difficult to ride.
They can be used as Twinsers or as Quads but come with the Quad fin setup (2 Twinser + 2 Side fins). To ride them as Twinsers you need 2 additional 2cm bigger Twinser fins.

They come with a rather straight outline - narrow between the straps and more drawn out towards the tail, completing to a rounded pintail. The result is incredible. Dropping down the face of a wave, the boards speed up like a rocket, accelerating into the turn and driving the rail super hard. The round pin tail in combination with the quad fins give you so much traction, guaranteeing to maintain your speed so the potential for big smacks and aerial maneuvers is unbelievable.

Even in smaller waves you don't need to ride with your back foot. They are so loose, it is really easy to carve super tight.

The straight outline makes them also shine on the way out through the waves. The fin setup works efficiently and brings the performance in onshore conditions close to that of a single fin. You can push hard and speed up easily.
The wide stance allows to change from front foot, to back foot pressure instantly, adjusting your turning radius as the wave demands it. It also gives you more control.
The boards feature a double concave with Vee in the front, flowing into double concaves without V in the middle and a single concave in the tail. The Vee in the front helps to initiate the turn and makes it much easier to roll from rail to rail. The concaves towards the back give you great grip.

Everybody -no matter how experienced- makes a huge step forward and reaches a new riding level. You will perform radical top turns and lip slides like never before. The side fins grip and grab you back in, pulling you back down the face of the wave. To feel being totally on the limit but fully in control is what makes these boards stand out.

PRO = PRO EDITION in Carbon Kevlar Technology with T-Stringers
Twinser 6822753.0686.0<5.2
Twinser 7422955.0746.3<5.5
Twinser 8223057.0826.44.2-6.0
Twinser 9223059.0926.74.4-6.2

Online Catalogue | Windsurf | Windsurf Used Kit | Used Windsurf Boards | Wave boards |  JP Twinser Quad Pro 74 2012

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