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Goya Quad Wave Pro 2015

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Goya Quad Wave Pro 2015

Goya Quad Wave Pro 2015

RRP 1599.00, Now Just 999.00


Francisco’s words: “A whole new level of excitement. Those are the words that come mind as I’m riding the all new Custom for the first time. I just feel so much more connected to the whole board, it is fast and intuitive on the wave to a point that I wonder if I even need the footstraps. I have never experience the similarities to surfing as I had with these new shapes.”
The nose on the new Custom is slightly narrower, just as on surfboards, where the narrower nose allows you to get closer into the wave and its curves. A faster progressive rocker keeps you driving forward at full speed. When deciding what size to take we suggest to go one size bigger than what you’d normally take. And if you are going to get two boards think of the widest gap possible so that you have your session on the water guaranteed regardless of the wind conditions. A bigger board will not only plane and carry you on lighter winds, it will also allow you to ride with a smaller sail, making it that much more enjoyable.
PRO is our most advanced build, combining light weight, crisp feel and excellent durability all into one lay-up. Driven by the worldwide, year round research and passion of our team and customers, The Pro Construction evolves and improves constantly. The result is the best weight s with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Pro boards come in distinct colors and a lightly sanded finish.

The Fins
The Custom comes with an MFC QS 211 quad fin set.

The Straps
The new MFC straps that come with this board are extremely luxurious, with a thick and quality neoprene and a soft inner sole. They reselmble nothing your feet have felt before.

The Pads
The new Vary Dens™ pads come with tapering thickness levels, offering maximum comfort under your heels and toes, while merely delivering outstanding traction in areas less traveled.
This board is best suited for intermediate to professional riders. The Custom Quad is the board we use and recommend for all your wavesailing needs.

What does a 100+ liter wave board offer that a comparably sized freewave doesn’t? A single fin ONE 95 or 105 will be used for the most part with larger sails and around bump and jump conditions so it will have a slightly wider tail and nose with a slightly faster rocker where the rider that is looking for one of our CUSTOM QUAD 104 or 118 is wanting more performance and focus on the turnability and fitting in the waves, still keeping all the speed and freedom you would expect from a board that size in light and marginal conditions.
Do you think that in general most riders are still better off choosing a Freewave board in this size? It all depends what the rider is looking for, I was in Europe last week as we released the new Quad 104 and there was this guy that has been riding a freewave board for the last 5 years. He demoed the Quad 104 and didn’t want to return it, he was just stoked to feel a surfing feeling on a board that size while he never stoped planning on his 6.2 with pretty light onshore winds.
Are these 100+ liter wave boards targeted only at heavy weight riders? Not at all, I weigh 78kg and if I had to choose two boards to ride on it will be the 72 and 104 Quad, that way I would know that I will be having a blast no matter what the wind is doing.
We have Quads, Thrusters and Twin fins within this test group, please explain why you have chosen the fin configuration that you have. I love my thruster set up on my surfboards but on windsurfing, riding a wave is only a part of the experience, I need to have a fast and lively ride heading out. With thrusters to me it is either one or the other, if you run a smaller/equal fin on the back you start sliding and if you put a bigger fin it gets slow and I start questioning why I have the side fins.
Do you think that multi-fin set-ups have generally increased the size of wave board that people ride? Yes, multi fins not only allow you to ride bigger, they allow you to ride faster rockers without loosing the control. Still if you are looking for utmost lift and power they are no substitute to a One single fin.

Online Catalogue | Windsurf | Special Offers | Special Offer Boards |  Goya Quad Wave Pro 2015

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