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Dagger GT Club

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Dagger GT Club

Dagger GT Club

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The Dagger GT series range of kayaks has become one of the best selling boats Dagger have ever made and great for the variety of water around East Anglia. Perfect for the intermediate paddler looking to develop their skills to the advanced level, the Dagger GT series of kayaks are available in four different models and three different specs, there really is a Dagger GT kayak to suit all shapes, sizes and levels.
The Dagger GT kayak and Dagger GTS kayaks are ideal for the smaller paddler, while the Dagger GTX kayak and the Dagger GT Max are great for taller or larger paddlers. The Dagger GTS, GT, GTX and GT Max all have long, semi-planing hulls with soft chines which make these kayaks great for white water and surf. The forgiving geometry and evenly distributed volume provides good initial and secondary stability and makes the Dagger GT series perfect for both beginners and instructors alike.
The Dagger GTS, Dagger GT, Dagger GTX and Dagger GT Max kayaks are all available in three outfitting options of Club, Action and River.
SlideLock foot brace
Fixed ergonomic seat
Legend adjustable backrest
Fixed thigh braces
Anodised aluminium grab handles and security bar. Perfect for learning the basics of moving water. The Legend spec outfitting comes with a solid ergonomic seat and Slidelock footrest for ease of adjustment and durability.
Usage - Class I/II river running, skills development, group/centre use.
Material - EXL super-linear high density polyethylene
Dagger GTS
Length 2.31m
Width 0.60m
Weight Range 35-65kg
Volume 211ltrs
Weight 16kg

Dagger GT
Length 2.36m.
Width 0.61m.
Weight Range 48-80kg.
Volume 232ltrs.
Weight 17kg.

Dagger GTX
Length 2.49m.
Width 0.65m.
Weight Range 65-105kg.
Volume 267ltrs.
Weight 19kg.

Dagger GT MAX
Length 2.70m.
Width 0.68m.
Weight Range 85-125kg.
Volume 300ltrs.
Weight 20kg.

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