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Aqualung Shot FX,

Online Catalogue | Dive | Christmas Gift Ideas | Under £100 |  Aqualung Shot FX,

Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel - view 1
Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel - view 2
Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel - view 3
Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel - view 4
Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel

Aqualung Shot FX, Linea Mask and Aquilon Snorkel

RRP 159.00, RoHo Price 99.00

Fin Size

The Shot FX fins are high-performance fins that incorporate new technologies and the latest materials. They take the best concepts of the SlingShot and HotShot fins and improve upon them.
The Power Zone, located in front of the foot pocket, where the power bands used to be, continues to evolve. What were once powerbands, are now integrated "V Boosters", providing even more power with less effort.
A new spring strap offers a soft TPR heel pad along with Aqua Lung's own proprietary buckles.
The foot pocket is equipped with the "Power Transmission Zone". This anchors the foot preventing unnecessary stretching of the foot pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission.
The blade contains a high performance elastomer resulting in high efficiency
An elastic blade insert creates a "spoon effect" that pushes more water with each down stroke adding to efficiency.
A customized inner sole provides a grip effect. This prevents wasting power from the boot moving laterally inside.
The foot pocket's design, compounds and sizing are dedicated to women's feet resulting in greater comfort
The Shot FX has a dedicated blade that is shorter and softer than traditional fins. This makes them easier to kick.
A beautiful single lens mask made specifically for the woman diver. This mask uses the latest technologies to provide the ultimate in form, fit and function.
• Using Micromask technology, the Linea’s lens, skirt and frame are molded together in one shot as opposed to other masks where multiple pieces are snapped together. This allows the lens to come close to the face which maximizes the field of vision.
• Low volume means that the mask is easier to clear and reduces the buoyancy
• Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) uses bands of different textures around the edge of the skirt resulting in a superior seal against the face
• The mask skirt goes further back on the face enhancing the comfort and reducing the marks left behind on the face.
• The clever Comfort Buckle System (CBS) prevents the diver’s hair from getting tangled in the buckle
Purge snorkel with semi-dry top designed starting from ergonomic and comfort values. The innovative technical features guarantee a fast purge operation.
The Air Deflector enhances the purging operation, sending water through the tube and outside the snorkel.
The mouthpiece is fixed to the Air Deflector, which means no more rigidity in the mouthpiece base. Benefits: less jaws fatigue, more comfort.
The position of the Twin Elliptical Purge Valve (vertical) helps the purging operation if the diver's head is both face down or standing in a vertical position.
Hose Joint Rotation Dry System – Thanks to an O-ring and designed parts, the frame of the mouthpiece holder can rotate around the barrel. The diver can adjust the correct inclination. It allows a perfect and customised fitting avoiding any bother.
100% Anatomic Silicone mouthpiece.
Bi-material corrugate made of a PP compound and TPR, which does not crush or deform.
D-shaped barrel – a flat, rather than round, face sits against the skin for a better comfort.
Polycarbonate Valve Shield with photoengraved finishing.
Bi-material (bi-colour) splashguard with side dry chamber for a faster cleaning. The top is made of a TPR soft material which is safe and harmless.
New fix clip with bigger section to ensure the snorkel is easy to put on and remove.

Online Catalogue | Dive | Christmas Gift Ideas | Under £100 |  Aqualung Shot FX,

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